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UIL Call Times for Next Week

Click here for 2020 UIL Call Times for each orchestra All performances will be at IM Terrell Academy 1411 I M Terrell Cir S, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Bye Bye Birdie Opens TONIGHT!

The LHS Fine Arts Department proudly presents Bye Bye Birdie! Countless hours of preparation have gone into this, come see the results. You won't be disappointed! Show starts at 7:00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Get here early to make sure you get your ticket and a seat!

Pre-UIL 2020

Call Times Available: Click Here or read on: Symphony Pre-UIL Instructions Monday 2/10/20 4:30 Arrive at LHS Orchestra room dressed in your uniform 5:00 Warm-Up in the Orchestra Room 5:30 Performance - Stage 6:00 Sight Reading - Stage 6:30 Go Home *If you are sharing a cello with someone in Sinfonia, make sure you take it straight to the Orchestra hall and pass it off* Philharmonic Pre-UIL instructions Monday 2/10/20 7:30 Arrive at LHS dressed in your uniform. Uncase and check tuning in Orchestra Room. 8:00 Warm-Up in the Orchestra Hall 8:30 Performance – Stage 8:55 Sight Reading – Stage 9:15 Go Home (take your instruments with you so you can practice) Sinfonia Pre-UIL instructions Monday 2/

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