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Car Wash Fundraiser Info for Saturday, Sept. 23rd

Our Lamar Orchestra Fall Car Wash is almost here! Please tell your friends, family, and co-workers to come by Braum’s on Fielder or Dickey's BBQ on the corner of Ballpark and Lamar next Saturday 9/23 from 10 AM - 1 PM (students work 9:30-1:30) to get a FREE CAR WASH!

Students in Symphony (1st period) and Concert Orchestras (2nd period) will be assigned to Dickey’s BBQ and students in Philharmonic (3rd period) and Sinfonia (4th period) will be assigned to Braum’s.

How is it free you ask??? Great question! Here's how it works: before next Saturday, Orchestra students ask friends, teachers, grandparents, co-workers or anybody who will listen to pledge money for every car we wash. On that Saturday we will count the number of cars we wash and the next week students collect money from the people that pledged.

Here's an example - Fakey McFakerton asks his Algebra teacher Dr. Polly Nomial if she'll support the Orchestra. Dr. Nomial agrees to pledge 10 cents per car. We wash 197 cars that weekend (just short of our 200 car goal). The next Monday, Fakey collects $19.70 from his teacher and turns it in along with this pledge sheet to Mr. Walton.

If someone wants to make a simple flat donation instead, that is completely fine. Please still record it as a flat donation on the pledge sheet.

Additionally, we need a few AISD approved volunteers to help chaperone (promise you won’t have to wash any cars). If you can help us with this, please email Mr. Walton at


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