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UIL Call Times

Lamar HS Orchestra UIL Itinerary 2019 Tuesday Feb. 26th (B Day) LHS Sub-Non Varsity B (CONCERT) 7:00 AM Everyone reports to Orchestra room IN UNIFORM for tuning & warm-up 7:30 AM Pack up/Load Bus 7:55 AM Depart for I.M.Terrell 8:55 AM Warm-Up 9:25 AM Perform on Stage 10:15 AM Load bus 10:35 AM depart for LHS 11:05 AM approximate arrival back at LHS 11:08 AM Go to 9th period or Lunch Tuesday Feb. 26th (B Day) LHS Sub-Non Varsity A (SINFONIA) 10:00 AM Everyone reports to Orchestra room (start of VFND) - Change into uniform right away 10:15 AM Rehearse 11:08 AM Everyone takes 1st Lunch. Please do not leave campus. We will not have that much time. You probably will want to pack a lunch. 11:45

Pre-UIL Call Times

Symphony Pre-UIL Instructions Thursday 2/7/19 6:00 Arrive at LHS Orchestra room dressed in your uniform 6:30 Warm-Up in the Orchestra Room 7:00 Performance - Stage 7:30 Sight Reading - Stage 8:00 Go Home *If you are sharing a cello with someone in Philharmonic, make sure you take it straight to the Orchestra hall and pass it off* Philharmonic Pre-UIL instructions Thursday 2/7/19 7:00 Arrive at LHS dressed in your uniform. Uncase and check tuning in Orchestra Room. 7:30 Warm-Up in the Orchestra Hall 8:00 Performance
 – Stage 8:30 Sight Reading – Stage 8:55 Go Home (take your instruments with you so you can practice) Sinfonia Pre-UIL instructions Thursday 2/7/19 5:00 Arrive at LHS dressed in y

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