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Summer Music Opportunities/Summer Strings Deadline extended

I know many of you are finalizing your summer schedules and I wanted you to think about possible music opportunities for your student. We are lucky in Arlington that we have a first-rate strings camp right here in town! UTA Summer Strings ( is an awesome summer camp where orchestra kids get to spend a week making music and making new friends from across the state. Students have the choice of staying in the dorms or, because it is in Arlington, they have the option of staying at home and driving in as a day-camper. They have lots of fun activities in the evenings in addition to the intense music practice during the day. There are still spots available for this great camp even though the application deadline has passed but they are going fast!

Older students might also consider an orchestra camp at a different university. Most major universities in Texas offer an orchestra camp some time in the summer. This might be a really good opportunity for your student to check out potential colleges for when they graduate -- they get to see the campus and even experience what it means to live in a dorm there and eat the dorm food!

Some good ones are:


Texas Tech

Sam Houston State University

UNT or UNT Bass Camp


Lastly, I would like to highly encourage Lamar Orchestra members to look into playing with a Youth Orchestra next year. We have many excellent ones in the area, including one here in Arlington. They play great Symphonic literature and give students a wonderful opportunity to build their skills and perform music they would not necessarily be able to do in class. Audition dates for many of these groups are coming up very soon, but if you played a solo at Solo and Ensemble that usually will fulfill the audition requirements.

Here are some links for you to check out:

Arlington Youth Symphony

Lone Star Youth Orchestra

Fort Worth Youth Orchestra

Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra

If you'd like to know more about any of these fantastic opportunities for musical growth, or would like contact info for area private teachers please feel free to contact us!

VFND and we hope you have a great summer!

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