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Symphony Recording Concert and Parking Info

Symphony, I hope you're excited to have this adventure together. I have attached a schedule and a note from Dr. Evans at UTA about parking that requires your action. We will be performing in Irons Recital Hall located in room 104 of the Music Building on UTA's campus. 700 Greek Row Dr, Arlington, TX 76013 Remember that you are responsible for getting yourselves there so please plan ahead.


Lamar High School arrival 5:00 pm, warm up in Irons at 5:15 pm

Bell High School arrival 5:30 pm, warm up in Irons at 5:45 pm

Paschal High School arrival at 6:00 pm, uncasing in orchestra room, warm up in Irons at 6:15 pm

Paschal High School performance at 7:00 pm

Bell uncasing in orchestra room at 7:00 pm, concert in Irons at 7:30 pm

Lamar uncasing in orchestra room at 7:30 pm, concert in Irons at 8:00 pm

Concert over at 8:30 pm.

Here is the parking information for the concert on October 10th. A couple of points to clarify:

  1. All cars for the evening, including the performers, should use the West Campus Garage (804 UTA Blvd.) for parking. There should be a sign there saying “Event Parking,” but it is off of Nedderman and UTA Boulevard, just north of the Maverick Activities Center. You can’t miss it.

  2. The students and teachers should use the online registration link given below, but I’ve been told the parents don’t need to when they come that evening.

  3. You can arrive beginning at 5:00 p.m., but cannot get in 115 until 5:30 p.m. The hall should be available right at 5:00.

You may park in any space not marked as reserved, service vehicle, blocked by cones, or an ADA space without the proper permit. This permit is valid only for the date and times of your event. If you have any comments or concerns, please contact us at or (817) 272 – 3907.

Click here to register your vehicle: Click here to register

I can't wait to share this musical experience with you.



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