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Spring Trip to NOLA Cancelled

Hello Vikes,

I hope you all are staying safe and weathering the COVID19 “storm” well. I took my kids fishing, started watching the Ken Burn’s documentary on Jazz (free on Amazon prime), and never had cleaner or more organized garage. Such a strange and unprecedented time we are living in right now. I am writing to update you on the status of our previously planned spring travel to New Orleans next week. Here’s the bad news - The trip is cancelled due to numerous and hopefully obvious safety reasons. The good news - Although a few things were non-refundable, we are going to get 90-95% of our money back. Many of the vendors we are working with are either furloughed or sheltering in place right now so the timeline on when we will see this money is currently unknown. When I know more, I’ll will definitely let you know. Until then be smart, be safe, and try to make the best of all of this time we now suddenly have on our well-washed hands. Viking Fight Never Dies, but sometimes that means we have to be smart and stay apart. Miss you guys. Feel free to reach out to me via Remind or email if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.

Best regards,


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