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Farewell from Mr. Hogan

Dear Lamar Orchestra Students & Families,

As synonymous as tone and tuning go together during finger-patterns, so do Mr. Hogan and Ohio. It is with a feeling of gratitude and honor that I leave my post with the Lamar High School Orchestra, having accepted a position at Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, Ohio. I will surely miss the Lamar Orchestra family and will remember my time in Arlington fondly.

The future of Lamar Orchestra is bright under the dedicated leadership of Mr. Walton. He is a phenomenal musician, fantastic educator, and has been incredible to work with these past eight years. I would have liked to have given Mr. Walton more time helping Mr. Hagman bring in my replacement, but unfortunately, I was just offered this position last week.

I am honored to be offered this new position, and I owe it all to the Lamar Orchestra family. You have all allowed me to grow as a director and music educator. I will be the sole orchestra director of a program of around 130 girls, as it is an all-girls school. Just as Mr. Walton returned to his alma mater, I will be returning to the sister school of my alma mater, University School, the all-boys school down the street.

The next few weeks will be a whirlwind of moving out of Arlington and starting my new post, but I hope to find a time to say goodbye to all who can make it out for a get together. Please keep an eye out on and Remind for information on a time to gather to say “adios.”

Thank you,

James Hogan

“Through Music we may wander where we will in time, and find friends in every century.”

-Helen Thompson Woolley


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