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Orlando Room/Plane sign ups tomorrow at 3 in the Orchestra Room

Orlando Room Sign Ups Tomorrow at 3 PM in the Orchestra Room

Tomorrow 1/17 at 3:00 PM sharp we will be signing up for rooms and taking information for plane tickets in the Orchestra Room.

You must be physically present or send an authorized proxy with a note signed by you to sign up for a room. There will be two tables (one for guys rooms, one for girls rooms) set up in the Orchestra Room. You should stand in line with your preferred room mates (4 to a room) and sign up together.

In addition, there will be another place to sign up for your plane ticket. We will need very accurate information from you in order to do this. We will need your legal First, Middle, and Last Name as well as your birthday. You should sign up with the name that matches whatever form of ID you are planning on using to get through security. If you are 18, it needs to be a government issued ID such as a drivers license, passport, or state ID card. If you are under 18 you can use your school ID. Again, the name on your plane ticket needs to match the ID you plan on presenting at the gate.

Lastly, please sign up for the 2018 Orlando Trip Remind feed. Text @vfnddisney to the number 81010 or click this link

See you tomorrow at 3!

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